A thoughtful gift that turned into a personal project, I love looking for more information to put in my family tree. I recently came across this challenge which sort of summed up what I want to do: I want to see the stories in my ancestors and not just their names on records. As usual, I am pretty late to the party but I thought I’d join the party anyway!




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  1. Hello Little Known Leaves.. I was really interested to see your post on James Cameron Russell, and in turn, Archibald Russell… My great, great grandfather and great uncle respectively…. Really good to see the pic of Archie whom I remember well from my childhood as I do Auntie Irene, Graeme, Morag, Elaine and ‘wee’ Irene. My grandfather is Archie’s brother James Cameron Russell, who moved with his wife Ella and their son (David) and daughter (Catherine) to Elgin in the 1950’s … My mum is Catherine Russell – your mum’s cousin….
    It was good to read your entry about James snr and the Gorgie records and James life in Gorgie with Jane (my mum is our family historian has very vivid memories of her time with her grandparents so she may be able to give more insight into their life in Gorgie if you are interested)… i’m also really chuffed that you found my grandfather James there – As you say.. ‘another door opens’…
    I came to Edinburgh to work some 14 years hence and have enjoyed memory lane trips with my mum when she is here. (especially when I lived in Fountainbridge – a stones throw from where she was born and where her grandparents lived)
    thanks for this amazing glimpse into the elements of our shared family tree.

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